About us

The main fields of activities of corporate group SG dujosis the development of infrastructure of compressed (CNG) and liquefied (LNG) natural gas, as well as the use and development of this environmentally friendly fuel in transport and industrial sectors of Lithuania.

Corporate group UAB SG dujos is a pioneer in application of compressed natural gas as fuel in the Lithuanian transport system, leader of the market and innovations, successfully developing its activities and significantly contributing to the promotion of alternative fuel in Lithuania.



UAB SG dujos

The company designs, builds and operates the natural gas compressor stations (CNG/LNG) where city buses could have an opportunity to fill up their fuel tanks and to use this cost-efficient and environment-friendly fuel in a prompt and convenient way.

While developing the natural gas infrastructure, UAB SG dujos has concentrated its activities in eleven Lithuanian cities, such as Vilnius, Klaipeda, Kaunas, Siauliai, Panevezys, Marijampole, Telsiai, Ukmerge, Kalvaria, Pabrade and Kedainiai.

The company has already established the bases for production of compressed natural gas at its own expense, namely the compressor stations in Klaipeda (2007), Siauliai (2011), Kaunas (2012), Marijampole (2014), Ukmerge (2014), Telsiai (2014), Vilnius (2020).

Moreover, company UAB SG dujos invests in the new technologies of use of this environment-friendly fuel, cooperates with the Lithuanian research institutions on any further application of natural gas and other types of environment-friendly fuel in the Lithuanian market, and invests in such studies and development.



UAB SG dujos Auto
In the year 2013, at its own expense and at the expense of the EU Structural Funds, the company established the Laboratory for the Experimental Research of Hydrogen as Fuel or Fuel Additive, Eco-friendly Fuel Additives and Fuel Systems in Pabrade town.

The very first laboratory of such type in Lithuania and the Baltic States is engaged in studying of the opportunities related to use of a new type of ecological fuel - mixture of hydrogen and natural gas (hydrometane) - in vehicles. The laboratory also contributes to the development of programs related to climate change mitigation and collaborates with the major European motor vehicle manufacturers.

Other fields of activities of UAB SG dujos Auto - fleet management solutions, development and implementation of innovative projects related to alternative fuels.



The main activity is the use of natural gas in industrial plants by replacing the polluting energy sources with environment-friendly ones.

The first project implemented by this company in Lithuania is the LNG degassing station in Vieciunai.


Corporate group SG dujos natural gas in Lithuanian transport - stages

In 2007 – 2018, the infrastructure of compressed natural gas (CNG) infrastructure developed for the bus fleets in the cities.

In 2018, the excise duty for all vehicles was abolished; although the carriers' interest has been increasing, the development has been slowed down by the limited infrastructure – currently, 9 CNG filling stations are operating in Lithuania.

In 2019-2021, the first stationary LNG stations are in the planning stage; it will connect Lithuania with the European Transport Corridors. It is also planned to develop a network of LNG mobile filling stations in all Baltic States by including Lithuania into the LNG Blue corridors of the European Union.

Chicken or egg?

Currently, the CNG infrastructure includes 9 Lithuanian cities: before the year 2018, natural gas was cheap only for the municipal bus fleets.

The LNG infrastructure will be launched in 2020-2021. After the abolishment of the excise duty in Lithuania in the year 2018, CNG/LNG has become cheap for all vehicles; therefore, the carriers need more filling stations, and we need more carriers in order that our business is profitable for both parties. We can do this together, we just need to start acting - here and now!