Quality policy

UAB SG dujos

The main fields of activities of UAB SG dujos iclude the production of compressed (CNG) natural gas, the use and promotion of this environmentally friendly fuel in the transport sector of Lithuania, as well as the development of innovative projects related to the modern types of fuel and the relevant refueling infrastructure.

Our responsibilities:
- ensuring a continuous improvement of the quality management system and enhancing its efficiency;
- fulfillment of our obligations, legal obligations and complying with the requirements of all parties concerned;
- regular revision and amendment (if necessary) of the policy and objectives of the quality management system;
- quality execution of the anticipated fields of activities;
- constant improvement of competence and qualification of the employees.

Our mission: 
To create value by striving for cleaner, more efficient and long-term solutions in the production, transportation and storage of fuel and energy.

Our vision: 
UAB SG dujos is the production company leading in Eastern and Northern Europe which is innovative, proactive and open to innovative energy-saving solutions related to production of alternative motor fuels and collaborating with global leaders in these areas.

UAB SG dujos Auto

UAB SG dujos Auto perform scientific research, public transport fleet management and monitoring solutions, development and implementation of projects of innovative and alternative fuels.

Our responsibilities:
- commits to ensure continuous improvement and efficiency of the quality management system;
- strives to meet commitments made, legal obligations and requirements of related third parties;
- reviews and adjusts the quality management system and objectives;
- commits to deliver high quality of company’s activities;
- strives to improve and develop skills and qualifications of employees.

Our mission: 
To create value by development of cleaner, more efficient and sustainable transport and energy production, transmission and storage solutions.

Our vision: 
An innovative, proactive and open research and application company that cooperates with global leaders.