Hydrogen fuel research laboratory

In November 2011, the project of the establishment of an experimental laboratory for the research of hydrogen as fuel or fuel additive, environment-friendly fuel additives and fuel systems was officially launched in Lithuania. Total value of the project is  7.6 million Litas. 5.3 million Litas of them is the support received from the European Union structural funds. The project has been implemented by the UAB SG dujos Auto.

The purpose of the project is to research the possibilities of the use of hydrogen in fuel production in Lithuania as well as technologies for the production of environment-friendly fuel, to develop the newest advanced methods of the application of hydrogen as fuel or fuel additive together with natural gas.

The new research laboratory is going to develop a joint methodology how to use the new type of fuel – the mix of hydrogen and natural gas (hydro-methane) in the transport vehicles powered by natural gas. It has been planned to use the hydro-methane in various petrol and diesel fuel powered transport vehicles.

Having established the alternative fuel laboratory, it is foreseen to establish an experimental module for the production of hydro-methane. Such module would be easily implementable in the infrastructure of fuel stations and public transport. And latter, it has been planned to start the industrial production of hydro-methane.

It has been envisaged that the transport vehicles of communal economy and special purpose transport vehicles as well as taxi fleets would be able to use hydro-methane, and having established the network of hydro-methane filling stations, also interurban buses and some part of light-duty transport vehicles would be able to use hydro-methane.

In addition to the market of Lithuania, hydro-methane as alternative fuel could be popular also in foreign countries. This is conditioned by the same economical and environmental reasons as in Lithuania. It has been planned that having implemented the project and having established new experimental technologies, the commercial modules of  hydro-methane production could be exported to foreign countries (Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Wes Europe states, Kazakhstan and etc.).

The new project will contribute to the development of innovative high technologies in Lithuania will give a possibility to establish work places to highly qualified specialists, will stimulate the export of high- tech services  and products, will contribute to the cooperation of a private business sector and research institutions as well as the application of research results in practice, commercial activities.