Norwegian representatives as well as the specialists of the Central Project Management Agency of Lithuania visited Telšiai, the town which in present is one of the three towns of Lithuania having an operating hydro-methane infrastructure (H2NG- natural gas enriched with hydrogen).

Mr Darius Juozapavičius, the technical manager of the company “SG dujos” and Mr Vidas Korsakas, the director of the company “SG dujos Auto”, as the representatives of the enterprises, which had implemented these technologies, presented the advantages of H2NG technologies. During the meeting, it was agreed with the representatives of “Innovation Norway“ to meet once again in Oslo and to discuss further possibilities and perspectives of the development of the using of hydrogen and natural gas compounds.

Taking the advantage of support from Norway, three hydro-methane production modules were equipped in Lithuania – in Telšiai, Marijampolė and Ukmergė, the bus fleets of these towns have already used successfully these ecological fuel modules for over one year. In total, the company “SG dujos“ has invested over 1.5 million euro into these three objects, more than one third of this amount  – 567.4 thousand euro were designated from the Green Industry Innovation Programme of Norwegian Financial mechanism.

“The new equipment prepares fuel for city buses powered with natural gas, replacing   10% of the volume of natural gas with hydrogen. Within the planned initial operation period (10 million kilometres  ), the innovation will allow to save 360 tons of CO2 emissions, and this is 23% less than using diesel fuel “, – said Mr Virginijus Korsakas , the CEO of the UAB “SG dujos“.

The company UAB “SG dujos Auto” performing scientific research helped to implement the project. The team of scientists of this company developed the optimum in this situation fuel mixture – H2NG.

In the experimental transport research laboratory in Pabradė, scientists investigated the possibilities and technologies of the using of hydrogen. They have analysed technical and operational parameters of various transport vehicles and created the technology of the industrial production of fuel mixtures.

According to Mr V. Korsakas, today, the group of enterprises “SG dujos” is already able to offer to the market solutions enabling natural gas powered transport vehicles to emit to the environment less harmful emissions.   “SG dujos” is planning to create  further innovative products as well as to develop the infrastructure of natural gas and ecological gas compounds.

The UAB “SG dujos“ is the pioneer and the leader of the application of compressed natural gas as a type of fuel for Lithuanian transport. The company has successfully developed its activities and has significantly contributed to the development of alternative fuels in Lithuania.    Currently, the enterprise focuses its business in six Lithuanian cities – in Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Marijampolė, Telšiai and Ukmergė, it helps to the bus fleets of these cities to renew their fleets with natural gas powered buses, develops the infrastructure of compressed natural gas and ecological fuel mixtures. The company designs, constructs and operates natural gas compression stations, where the fuel tanks of transport vehicles would be quickly and easily filled up and these transport vehicles could be driven using this cheap and environmentally friendly fuel.