The largest business organization uniting different enterprises in many sectors; service, trade and high-tech enterprises – the Lithuanian Confederation of Businesses – announced on May 26th the winners of the prestigious business awards “SERVICE OF THE YEAR 2017”. The innovative project on natural gas enriched with hydrogen that was developed by SG Dujos was awarded and named as “The Energy Project of 2017”

This is a huge award and confirmation for us, that proves that we have chosen the right path towards innovation, that has been noticed and appreciated by the authoritative experts of the field.

Our main task today is essentially to use and transform all of our research into practical solutions for business, to attract the attention of Lithuanian and foreign companies that would develop these projects for the sake of their own business innovations. After this award, we really hope for more attention from the governmental authorities, as Lithuania is currently still lacking a coordinated policy of encouragement that could potentially contribute to the development of alternative fuel infrastructure,” said Vidas Korsakas, director of SG dujos Auto who is realizing the project.

According to V. Korsakas, the European Union has stated very clearly the alternative fuels that will be given special attention. These are: compressed and liquefied natural gas, hydrogen and electricity, or the use of all these fuels or parts of them combined.

At present, the government pays insufficient attention to the development of alternative fuels and its infrastructure. In other EU countries, not only an incentive tax environment is introduced, but targeted subsidies for the development of the infrastructure of alternative fuels as well as the refuelling of transport are also provided. For example, the port in Klaipeda has a very large natural gas terminal – the only thing left to do is finding the right way to use this easily accessible resource in the transport sector,” said V. Korsakas.

The members of the commission of the “Service of the year 2017” evaluated highly the efforts of the group of enterprises “SG dujos” in exploring the possibilities of introducing hydrogen into natural gas, in the creation of hydrogen and natural gas modules, which are already in use in three Lithuanian bus parks . “The project of compressed natural gas enriched with hydrogen, was positively assessed by the commission in the category “Project of the year in the field of energy.” The Commission noted that the service is unique and innovative not only at the regional level – the use of such mixtures in the near future is described in the documents and directives of the European Parliament and European Commission.

According to the Head of the Lithuanian Business Confederation Valdas Sutkus, these business awards are not only designed to reward market leaders who contribute in the strengthening the economy, but also to signal to the Government as to where it should pay attention to and to direct their investments where a larger added Value and economic benefit is obtained

“These awards are not limited to the field of business – we show the different competitive spheres of the business and industry, and how advanced and innovative entrepreneurial enterprises are operating in Lithuania. Already now, there are examples where service enterprises with about a hundred workers pay more income tax than large industrial giants, ” states V. Sutkus.

As the Minister of Finance, Vilyus Shapoka said at the event “Service of the Year”, it is inevitable and appropriate that business should focus on innovative services. The priorities of the governmental program are also aimed at prospects for the future, creating a larger value, as the more are created, the easier they are to share.

“We recently presented a package of good news related to this. To achieve leadership in the Baltic States and the Northern region, we offer the most favourable tax regime in the whole EU for investments in research, commercialization of inventions, new technologies: 5% instead of the current 15% of the profit tax rate for the commercialization of inventions, 100% of exemption Technological renewal, 300% of exemption for the development of research and experimental activities. Another impressive number – to encourage innovation – 1 billion euros from EU investments. Such benefits are not available in any other EU country, so we hope that this will create a good base for a richer future of our country, ” said the minister.

Applications were evaluated by a commission consisting of leaders of public opinion of the country, successful entrepreneurs, representatives of business media: the Head of “Biotechpharma” prof. Vladas Algirdas Bumyalis, Head of the company “Hanner,” Arvydas Avulis, Chief of “Equinox Europe,” Rasa Beskaevene, Director of the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology of Kestutis Shetkus, President of the Lithuanian Business Confederation Valdas Sutkus, Business Editor of “Delfi” Rasa Lukaityte and other experts.

The largest business organization uniting different enterprises in many sectors;  services, trade and high-tech enterprises – the Lithuanian Confederation of Businesses – has been organizing the selection of prestigious business awards “SERVICE OF THE YEAR 2017” for the fifth year already.

The purpose of the “Service of the Year” awards is to encourage Lithuanian companies to create competitive, innovative services with high added value that meet modern market and consumer needs. Contestants were evaluated in 12 categories:

“Real Estate Development Project of the Year”, “Energy Project of the Year”, “Legal Service of the Year”, “The Most Innovative Technology of the Year”, “Trade Decision of the Year”, “Export of Lithuania 2017”, “Smart Solution of the Year in the Field of Logistics”, “Service of the year in the field of sanitation”, “Financial service of the year”, “Scientific breakthrough of the year”, “Start-up of the year”.