The JSC “SG dujos” group of companies expands its activities and moves into a new area – the development of liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure. Along with the main business thereof – the development of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) infrastructure projects of its business – having won a public tender, “SG dujos” is now also undertaking the implementation of LNG projects. In the nearest future, a natural gas (LNG) storage facility, from which gas will be supplied together with heat and hot water from the boiler house of the JSC “Litesko” , will be equipped in Viečiūnai Township in Druskininkai Municipality.

“We aim to diversify our business and take new projects related to the use of ecologic fuels, therefore, together with compressed gas and hydrogen, we are launching the first LNG supply chain project today – we have won a public tender and will supply natural gas in Viečiūnai. We hope that in the future the supply of stationary objects will be up to 10% of our total fuel supply. We plan to have more similar objects in the future, but our strategy remains unchanged – focusing on the development of infrastructure systems for CNG, LNG, hydrogen and other types of green fuel for transport, “- says Mr Virginijus Korsakas, the director of the JSC “SG dujos”.

The first industrial LNG gas station will use liquefied gas from the Klaipėda Terminal, which will be stored in Viečiūnai. As required, liquefied gas will be transported to the gas phase and supplied to the company “Litesko”.

The “SG dujos” group is planning to launch another LNG project in the near future – on the Lithuanian-Polish border, on the road Via Baltica near Kalvarija, the first filling station designated for transport vehicles powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) will begin operating. It is anticipated that in future, having expanded the filling station, natural gas will be also supplied to neighbouring industrial customers. It is planned that, upon the implementation of the project, transport vehicles owned by European freight forwarding companies transporting goods to Lithuania and other Baltic countries or crossing the region of the Baltic States   on transit towards Western Europe, will be able to fill up with the LNG at this station.

The company “SG dujos”   strives actively and purposefully to develop the infrastructure of alternative ecological gas in Lithuania and is the pioneer in developing the system of natural gas as a fuel for automobiles in Lithuania. In total, the company has already invested over 13 million to the development of alternative fuel infrastructure in Lithuania. The most party of this amount is private company funds.

In 2007, the company built the first in Lithuania Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling station in Klaipėda, in 2013, the company opened the first in the Baltic States hydrogen fuel research laboratory, in 2015, the company “SG dujos” installed the first not only in Lithuania but also in the Baltic States modules for filling with hydrogen and natural gas in Marijampolė, Ukmergė and Telšiai. The company has installed six CNG filling stations in Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Kaunas, Ukmergė, Marijampolė and Telšiai, and in these parks serve almost 200 shuttle buses.