On 13 October in Šiauliai Bus Park in the territory of the UAB “Busturas“ was opened the first compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station (compressor station). The city will soon be running the first green fuel-powered public transportation passenger buses.

It is foreseen that in the nearest future Šiauliai bus fleet would be renewed by 30 compressed natural gas (CNG) powered buses, which surpass so far used diesel buses not only concerning cheaper exploitation costs, but also almost do not pollute the environment.

Having equipped the CNG compressor station and having started to exploit CNG powered buses,  thanks to the favourable tax environment, the  bus fleet may immediately reduce considerably fuel costs. The fuel consumption costs of a new generation CNG powered bus may be even up to 30 % lower than the ones of a new generation analogical diesel bus.

The ecology of CNG has been especially revealed in urban areas – studies established that natural gas 90 % less pollutes environment with fumes, ash and sulphur dioxide , 50 % less  with carbon monoxide  and 20 % less with nitrogen oxides and reactive hydrocarbons than diesel.

“We pursue to contribute to the establishment of a modern natural gas application infrastructure in the country’s bus fleets, we help municipalities to find solutions enabling the renewal of their city bus fleets with modern, green and economical buses without additional investments“, – said Mr. Virginijus Korsakas, the CEO of the UAB “SG dujos”. This company equipped the CNG filling station in Šiauliai Bus Park  .

The main activities of the  UAB “SG dujos” are production, application of compressed natural gas (CNG) and the development of this green fuel in Lithuanian transport sector. The UAB “SG dujos“ is the initiator and leader of CNG application in Lithuanian transport. In 2007, “SG dujos“ constructed an CNG compressor station at their own expense and supplied the city with the first CNG powered urban type buses, and in 2011 – with the new generation CNG powered buses. In 2012, it is planned to equip a compressor station also in Kaunas City Bus Park. It is foreseen to develop activities in Marijampolė and other bigger towns in Lithuania striving to renew their bus fleets.