On 11 November 2016, the joint team of the companies “SG dujos“, “SG dujos Auto“ and the Laboratory of the Experimental Research of Hydrogen Fuel and  Environmentally Friendly Fuel Additives met with the representatives of the operator of the Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal AB “Klaipėdos nafta“, discussed their possible cooperation expanding the infrastructure of the using of natural gas, adapting it to the needs of liquefied natural gas transport vehicles.

“So far, our activities were focused on the development of the infrastructure of compressed natural gas (CNG), however in present, we consider the possibility to expand our activities and develop a new infrastructure, which would enable the transport sector of Lithuania to start using also liquefied natural gas (LNG), cooperating with the operator of the LNG terminal. We look forward to the launching of the above-ground liquefied gas terminal of “Klaipėdos nafta”, which is going to provide us with cooperation opportunities “, – said Mr Virginijus Korsakas , the director general of “SG dujos“.

According to Mr V. Korsakas, today, we still have much of very particular homework to do – including the logistics of gas supply, the understanding, selection and application of technologies. “We hope to perform all necessary investments before the end of the year 2017  and get ready to supply the new product – LNG – to  cargo carriers and other potential customers.