The Association for Alternative Fuel and Infrastructure has finished the preparatory works and stars its constant activities – the first General meeting of Association members took place in Vilnius on April 11.

The Association unites eight companies and institutions whose activities are related to development of alternative fuel and appropriate refueling infrastructure in Lithuania, as well as the research of practical use of ecologically clean blended fuel. The Association has the following members: “Scania Lietuva”, “Busturas”, „Klaipėda Bus Fleet”, “SG dujos”, “SG dujos Auto”, “Methane Gas Systems”, “VIVA GRID”, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Increasing interest in the Association’s activities is an indisputable proof of a further increase of its members.

The Association for Alternative Fuel and Infrastructure (AAFI) was established at the end of 2016 and was aimed at stimulation of development of alternative fuel and infrastructure in Lithuanian transport sector and decrease of pollution and noise in cities and urban areas. The Association will try to unite the efforts and experience of all its members whose business and activities are related to production, supply, use or research of alternative fuel.

According to the AAFI President Virginijus Korsakas, first of all, the Association will seek to stimulate the progress and innovations in Lithuanian transport system, priority implementation of environment-oriented standards, further renewal of the bus fleet, rational and efficient use of energy recourses and alternative fuel.

“We will make the government authorities offers concerning the creation of business-friendly legal environment for development of alternative fuel. The Association and its members will intentionally seek to participate in creation of purposeful long-term programmes and strategies, legal acts and statutory documents regulating capital investment, taxes and stimulating the environment-oriented standards, clear business-environment of private and public sectors”, V. Korsakas sais.

One of the main tasks of this Association is a faster implementation of EU and national priorities in the field of development of alternative fuel and infrastructure, stimulation of dialog of a private and public sector.

“The European Union has clearly defined the types of alternative fuel that will be of a especial attention, they are: compressed and liquid natural gas, hydrogen and electricity, or simultaneous use of all or part of these types of fuel. At the present moment the government pays insufficient attention to the development of alternative fuel and its infrastructure. The other countries not only implement the motivational scientific environment, but also subsidize purposefully the development of alternative fuel and vehicle refueling/recharging infrastructure. For example, Klaipeda Sea Port has a great terminal of natural gas. One should only find the correct easily accessible ways for maximum use of this resource in the transport sector”, V. Korsakas sais.