One of the largest Lithuanian garbage pickup and recycling companies “Ekonovus” is the first in the country to work with gas-powered garbage trucks, that will not only reduce the pollution of the air, but will also work quieter than their diesel “colleagues”. The first in Lithuania SCANIA CNG (compressed natural gas) garbage truck for handling underground containers with the powerful manipulator Hiab 188.

“The first gas garbage trucks will serve the residents of Vilnius and Klaipėda, later we plan purchasing more such garbage trucks and involving other cities – we plan to invest up to half a million euros in this transport. We try not only to manage waste efficiently, but also not to pollute the environment – the replacement of diesel garbage trucks with the gas ones can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent. Moreover, the gas garbage trucks are quieter than the diesel trucks – they are at least 50 per cent decibels quieter. These are really positive changes for big cities, where silence becomes a luxury”, - says Mr. Romas Draskinis, Director of “Ekonovus”.

Vehicles with gas engines are one of the most urgent trends in the modern truck market. The waste management is no exception: the gas-powered garbage trucks are gaining strength in this area. The growing attention to the air pollution and the need for healthier and cleaner air are contributing to ecological waste management. It is estimated that more than 80 per cent of people living in cities breathe air, the pollution level of which exceeds the limits defined by the World Health Organization. Therefore, big cities undertake such measures as, for example, a ban on the use of bituminous coal for heating, fee for cars’ entry into the city center or the search for ecological vehicles.

“Big cities are a living and mobile organism. Nevertheless, it is natural that people here also want environmentally and Eco-friendly solutions, including the management of waste. Of course, a lot depends on the consciousness of people themselves – waste sorting at home, educating children thereof, moderate and responsible consumption, not replacing new things with newer ones. Ecological, sustainable garbage pickup is the end of this chain: in order to take a real care of the climate and nature, gas garbage trucks will gradually replace the diesel ones, and we are already observing this process in Western Europe”, - says Mr. Draskinis.

According to the Director of “Ekonovus”, despite the fact that gas garbage trucks are 20 per cent expensive than their diesel equivalents, they still have more beneficial effects to the nature and urban population: in comparison with diesel garbage trucks, they reduce the air pollutant emission by 84 per cent, carbon monoxide pollution – by 37 per cent and nitrogen oxide pollution – by 70 per cent. All these factors reduce pollution and allow cities creating a cleaner environment.