It’s nice when cooperation of the public sector and business is valued and creates value. We began cooperating with “Busturas” in 2011, and in the course of 8 years at our own expense we opened an Eco-friendly fuel compressor station in Šiauliai – terminal for the production of compressed natural gas. And this was only the beginning of cooperation, which gained momentum and grew into the fact that in the year 2019 we again invested almost 1 million euros in the development of the aforementioned compressor station. We are currently working on a new investment project – a model for adapting hydrogen to the daily needs of vehicles by replacing up to 20 per cent of natural gas with hydrogen. Today, there are some cities in Lithuania (Marijampolė, Telšiai and Ukmergė), the bus fleets of which are powered by hydrogen-enriched natural gas (H2NG) (10 per cent). We believe that good examples are inspiring, and that in the near future hydrogen cars will not be an exotic, but a daily fact on Lithuanian roads.