Dear partners, colleagues and associates! 

Today we celebrate 15 years since the moment when SG Dujos Group began its work on 31 March 2006. 

We started with a clean slate, where (already at that time) we saw plenty opportunities. However, the market had to be formed from scratch. 

We built the first compressed natural gas fueling stations, found the first fleets to test this ecologically clean fuel, and assisted in bringing the first natural gas vehicles to market. 

Today, SG Dujos is a leading company in the natural gas infrastructure for transport, which not only expands the use of natural gas as a green fuel, but also creates the infrastructure for the fuel technologies of the future – biomethane and hydrogen. During these fifteen years, we have opened nine compressed natural gas fueling stations in Lithuania, and we also use hydrogen at three of them. We were the first in the Baltic countries to establish a Laboratory for the Study of Alternative Fuels, and in the near future we plan to open the first fueling stations for LNG long-distance transport.

Today, like fifteen years ago, we are again facing a clean slate, however on a larger scale covering the whole of Europe, and we are no longer alone – over the years we have met partners, colleagues, friends and associates, thanks to whom we can do much more.

Just a week ago, Lithuania passed the Law on Alternative Fuels – a starting point that coincides with the path we have taken over 15 years. A niche, alternative road can become part of a large, environmentally friendly transport artery.

This new important event will significantly affect the future activities of SG Dujos and the entire market of alternative fuels; therefore, we are ready to grow, cooperate and to work together so that the existing prerequisites for development would turn not only into fast but also sustainable results for the benefit of the planet, the country and all participants of the transport ecosystem.

Thank you!

SG Dujos Team