“SG Dujos”, the company developing a network of gas stations for alternative ecological fuels – compressed natural gas (CNG) – for road transport, will open five new filling stations in the next two years. In 2019, the company modernized the existing stations in Šiauliai and Klaipėda, this year it has already opened a new public filling station in Vilnius and plans to open a public CNG filling stations in Kaunas in the near future. “Šiaulių bankas” has also contributed to the financing of this development and accommodated the company with a loan of almost 1 million euros. 

In the years 2020-2021, “SG Dujos” plans to open three more liquefied natural gas (LNG) filling stations in Panevėžys near the Highway Riga-Panevėžys-Vilnius, in Kalvarija close to the Via Baltica Motorway, and also near Vilnius not far from the Vilnius-Kaunas Motorway. After the implementation of these projects, “SG Dujos” plans to have 13 CNG / LNG filling stations in Lithuania.

“Natural gas is the most cost-effective and Eco-friendly way of operating motor vehicles, and the use of it is stimulated by the European Union. Moreover, the prospects for the use of natural gas, and in particular biomethane, are introduced in the current climate change plan adopted in Lithuania. Until now, all our filling stations were actually designed and adapted to the specialized needs of city bus fleets; however, the current stage of our development is aimed at providing a wide access to all users who would like to start using this Eco-friendly fuel both in cities and for long journeys. We plan to equip convenient filling stations for international freight carriers who enter Lithuania and traffic in transit. We plan to build filling stations both for CNG and LNG vehicles”, - says Mr. Virginijus Korsakas, CEO of “SG Dujos”.

According to Mr. Korsakas, at the present moment, the prospects for the development of environmentally friendly alternative transport in Lithuania are better than ever – the plan for climate change being currently adopted in Lithuania at the state level provides for at least EUR 30 million investment in the next few years – in vehicles and the development of the infrastructure thereof.

Today, 350 CNG buses and other vehicles are operated in nine cities of Lithuania. Partially these stations can be used by other enterprises and residents who have CNG vehicles. In addition, it is planned that the new CNG / LNG filling stations will be publicly available and opened to all users.

Clean Technologies – Bank Financing

A loan for the development and implementation of innovative compressor stations was provided by “Šiaulių Bankas”. According to the head of corporate clients of Vilnius region of “Šiaulių Bankas” Mr. Kęstutis Grinius, business investments in such projects are not only advantageous, but they also allow businessmen contributing to the creation of a cleaner environment.

“We notice that in recent years the transport sector has invested a lot in alternative fuels and less polluting technologies, as well as in their development and adaptation for a wider use. We are pleased to support and provide funding for such innovations that would be adapted both for business and everyday life”, - says the representative of “Šiaulių Bankas” Mr. Grinius.

Hydrogen transport is the future

According to the head of “SG Dujos”, the company also pays a great attention to the development of hydrogen transport infrastructure. The main advantage of hydrogen vehicles – the ability to adapt the existing filling stations for their needs, while the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Lithuania is still underdeveloped.

“Today, the progressive carriers in all major cities use at least several compressed natural gas vehicles. We hope that in future this Eco-friendly fuel will be used by more bus fleets and carriers. The bus fleets of three cities – Telšiai, Ukmergė and Marijampolė – are already testing even more advanced fuels – a mixture of CNG and hydrogen”, - says Mr. Korsakas.