European Parliament approves Directive to support roll-out of CNG and LNG infrastructure in Europe

European Parliament gave its final approval to new rules to ensure the build-up of infrastructure for alternative fuels across Europe and the development of common technological specifications, includ...

21 New Spanish Natural Gas-powered Buses ‘Castrosua’ Are Already in the Streets of Vilnius City

From the 10th of May three more new Spanish buses ‘Castrosua City Versus Citelis CNG’ have started to ride the streets of Vilnius City. In total, nine new vehicles – one hybrid ‘Castrosua Tempus Hybri...

„Castrosua Tempus Hybrid“

Residents of Kaunas City will be soon able to get a ride in new Castrosua buses

A new hybrid – natural gas and electricity – powered bus ‘Castrosua Tempus Hybrid’ intended for the carriers of Kaunas City has already arrived to Lithuania. The remaining gas-powered buses ‘Castrosua...

New biogas plant in Norway will produce biomethane for buses

A biogas liquefaction plant supplied by Wärtsilä is to produce biofuel for buses in Norway. By being able to convert household food waste into liquid biomethane, this new liquefaction plant is able to

At the end of January the citizens of Vilnius will enjoy 19 new compressed natural gas buses

The first Solaris Urbino CNG buses are assembled and prepared for the trip to Lithuania. It is supposed that they will arrive to Vilnius in the mid-January and will start transporting passengers in th...

In the European Union, natural gas powered cars have been preferred the most by Italian, German and Bulgarian people

Italy leads unfailingly in the European Union and other member states of the European Free Trade Association by the number of natural gas powered transport vehicles. According to the data presented by...

Natural Gas-powered Car Rally BLUE CORRIDOR 2013: HANSA Will Surround the Baltic Sea and Run through Klaipeda 2013 October 3

A rally of clean natural gas-powered cars Blue Corridor 2013: Hansa will start on the 3rd of October. It will begin in the Russian city St. Petersburg and the final point of the route is planned to be...

The first in the Baltic States Hydrogen Fuel Experimental Research Laboratory Started Its Operation in Pabradė

On Thursday in Pabradė, the first in Lithuanian and the Baltic States Laboratory of the Experimental Research of Hydrogen as Fuel or an Additive to Fuel, Eco-friendly Fuel Additives and Fuel Systems. ...

A Hydrogen Fuel Experimental Research Laboratory Was Established in Pabradė

The UAB „SG dujos Auto“ the enterprise of the group of companies “SG dujos“ implemented officially the project of the establishment of  the “Experimental Research Laboratory of Hydrogen as Fuel or Fue...

Germany in June recorded 860 natural gas-powered cars

Interest in LNG vehicles in Germany is growing at a record pace: in June it recorded 860 natural gas-powered cars. In the first half of 2013 it recorded as much as 4.3 thousand LNG cars: by 1.2 thousa...

The Number of CNG Stations Increases in the Baltic States – the Fourth Compression Station Has Been Opened in Estonia

In Estonian coastal town of Pärnu, there has been opened the fourth compressed natural gas filling station, which is mainly going to be used by eco-friendly city buses. In May, the city added two new ...

Jurmala’s Buses Will Use Latvian Biogas

A double system mounted in buses gives an opportunity to use 60 % gas and 40 % diesel. So far, buses have been tested using natural gas, which will be replaced by biogas in several months. According t...