Daily life at Hydrogen fuel reserch laboratory

Hydrogen Fuel Experimental Research Laboratory, moments of everyday activities.

IVECO Urbanway

Gas Powered Iveco Urbanway Will be Tested on the Streets of Vilnius

A totally new, compressed natural gas powered Iveco Ubanway will be tested on the streets of   Vilnius soon.  In the nearest future, the bus will be driven on the streets of the city and will carry pa...

Testuojamas 2011 m. gamybos Mercedes Benz B 180 NGT

Hydrogen fuel laboratory is further testing CNG cars

Laboratory in Pabradė continues its experimental research work with hydrogen as fuel or fuel additive, organic fuel additives and fuel systems. Specialists of the laboratory perform experiments with t

Growing number of natural gas vehicles in Italy

Vehicles powered by natural gas now hold a market share of 5,3% of overall new car sales in Italy, according to new data from ANFIA, the Italian automotive industry association. ANFIA remarks that Ita...

SG dujos Auto joins transparency initiative „Jonvabaliai“ (en. Fireflies)

SG dujos Auto joined the transparency initiative “Fireflies” (lt. “Jonvabaliai”), which aims to make the European Union (EU) funded projects more transparent. This initiative,encourage companies and o...

Gamtinėmis dujomis bei elektra varomi „Castrosua Tempus Hybrid

New Castrosua Buses Delivered to Ukmergė

On the 12th of November, new Spanish natural gas-powered buses were delivered to the residents of Ukmergė.  According to the Director of Ukmergė bus fleet Alfonsas Prabišas, it was an extraordinary ev...

All Spanish buses are already in Elektrenai

All four Spanish buses Castrosua have already arrived to Elektrenai. Three of them are compressed gas-powered buses Castrosua City Versus Citelis CNG, and one – Castrosua Tempus Hybrid powered by comp...

Eight New CNG-powered Buses in Marijampolė

On 14th of November, eight new compressed natural gas-powered buses were presented to the residents of the town Marijampolė. Mariampolė has acquired seven Castrosua City Versus Citelis CNG buses drive...

Natural Gas-powered Car Rally Ran through Vilnius

This time, the participants of the Natural Gas-powered Car Rally Blue Corridor, which has been arranged since 2008, visited Vilnius. On this occasion, a round-table discussion was held. The using of n...

Hybrid Buses Assigned to Telšiai and Marijampolė have arrived to Lithuania

“In present the both buses are in service garages, however they are going to carriers soon. Remaining hybrid buses assigned to the bus fleet of Ukmergė and Elektrėnai Communal Economy are on the way t...

Spanish Gas-powered Buses Have Already Arrived to Klaipėda

New, assembled in Spain compressed gas- powered “Castrosua City Versus Citelis CNG” buses have already come to Klaipėda. In total, eleven compressed natural gas–powered buses and one gas and electrici...

Eight Spanish buses, „Castrosua City Versus Citelis CNG”, dedicated to Panevėžys have arrived in Lithuania

Eight Spanish buses, „Castrosua City Versus Citelis CNG”, to be operated in Panevėžys have already arrived in Lithuania. In the meantime, when waiting for the new buses to come, residents of Panevėžys...