Purchase of liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage and dispensing equipment procurement

“SG Dujos” implements the project “Development of Public Access CNG, LNG, Biomethane and Hydrogen Infrastructure” (KK-AM-S01-0006) under the Climate Change Program measure “Infrastructure creation and...

15 SG Dujos years

Dear partners, colleagues and associates!  Today we celebrate 15 years since the moment when SG Dujos Group began its work on 31 March 2006.  We started with a clean slate, where (already at that time...

Development of Public Access CNG, LNG, Biomethane and Hydrogen Infrastructure

“SG Dujos” implements the project “Development of Public Access CNG, LNG, Biomethane and Hydrogen Infrastructure” (KK-AM-S01-0006) under the Climate Change Program measure “Infrastructure creation and...

“SG dujos” invests nearly 1.7 million euros in the development of natural gas filling stations for road transport

13/01/2020 “SG Dujos”, the company developing a network of gas stations for alternative ecological fuels – compressed natural gas (CNG) – for road transport, will open five new filling stations in the...

New opportunities for enthusiasts of Eco-friendly transport in Vilnius – a new 24-hour CNG filling station has been opened

“SG Dujos” has opened an important compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station in Vilnius for enthusiasts of environmentally friendly vehicles. Located at 42 Panerių street, the LNG filling terminal ...

In Lithuania – the first environmentally friendly CNG garbage trucks

One of the largest Lithuanian garbage pickup and recycling companies “Ekonovus” is the first in the country to work with gas-powered garbage trucks, that will not only reduce the pollution of the air,...

In Lithuania – the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks

The first three liquefied natural gas (LNG) Scania R 410 trucks arrived to Lithuania. “Scania Lietuva” introduced them to one of the largest European transport companies – “Girteka Logistics”. More th...

An important new point in the natural gas infrastructure for transport in the Baltic states – CNG filling station was opened in Riga

Let’s go to Riga with #CNG! Great and important news on the Eco-friendly fuel market – the Baltic network of natural gas filling stations for cars has become not only denser – an extremely important c...

Harmonious partnership stimulates development in Šiauliai

It’s nice when cooperation of the public sector and business is valued and creates value. We began cooperating with “Busturas” in 2011, and in the course of 8 years at our own expense we opened an Eco...

18 New Ecologic Buses Complying with the Highest Euro 6 Standard Are Now in Klaipėda Streets

Klaipeda Bus Park has acquired 18 modern compressed natural gas (LNG) powered MAN buses. From 2 September, eight standard and ten extended low-floor buses that meet the highest Euro 6 environmental st...

Vlantana Has Begun Testing of LNG-powered Trucks

Klaipeda Logistics Company Vlantana, which has so far experimented with a compressed natural gas-powered towing vehicle, is launching tests on a liquid natural gas (LNG) powered truck. The Lithuanian ...

Volkswagen Group increases focus on CNG powered vehicles development

In parallel with the advancing electrification of its fleet, Volkswagen Group and its brands continue to rely on CNG (compressed natural gas) as an alternative drive technology for decarbonizing road ...

Discussion about Lithuanian LNG transport infrastructure barriers

The Lithuanian LNG transport infrastructure development, the main obstacles discussed at an international conference Klaipeda LNG Forum 2019, which was attended by about 200 professionals from more th...

В автобусах г. Шяуляй - более экологичное топливо

Шяуляйское предприятие "Busturas", в сотрудничестве с компанией "SG dujos" и Шведским концерном "Scania", планирует опробовать в г. Шяуляй исключительно экологически чистое топливо - автобусы на обога

Iveco Stralis 460 NP CNG ir LNG dujomis varomais vilkikai

Girteka Logistics test runs with LNG trucks