Driving a natural gas vehicle

Why to say "Yes" to natural gas CNG/LNG?


Environmentally friendly

Fuel of the future
Along with hydrogen and electricity will replace petrol and diesel

Developing infrastructure
The operating CNG infrastructure already, the LNG infrastructure is being developed

Long distances overcome
500 km may be covered with a CNG car, and a distance of 1500 km with a LNG car

Constant supply
Significant reserves of natural gas have been accumulated at the terminal in Klaipeda

Wishing to start driving a CNG/LNG car? We are here to help you from A to Z!



Together we will develop a strategy and a tactical plan for the use of CNG/LNG.


Develop of infrastructure

We will develop the necessary infrastructure: we will equip mobile or stationary CNG/LNG filling stations in your motor vehicle fleets and along your transport routes.


Choose of vehicle

We will help you to find, choose and to test the vehicle.


Construction of filling station

Depending on the needs, we will equip low, medium and high power stations of fast and slow filling. If required, we may equip the station at home for household users.



We will provide continuous gas supply and vehicle refueling services.

Did you know

Natural gas is compressed (CNG) or liquefied (LNG) - cooled up to -160°С. The main advantage of the use of natural gas in vehicle fuel systems is its environmental friendliness and price. In many countries, including Lithuania, promoting pollution reduction, natural gas is cheaper or similar in price with petrol. This way it is sought to discourage the use of petroleum products and to encourage the use of environmental-friendly alternatives instead. The development is encouraged by the policy of the European Union and the vehicle manufacturers.

The Distances Accessible For CNG/LNG Vehicles From Filling Stations In Lithuania