The first in the Baltic States Hydrogen Fuel Experimental Research Laboratory Started Its Operation in Pabradė

2013 September 19


On Thursday in Pabradė, the first in Lithuanian and the Baltic States Laboratory of the Experimental Research of Hydrogen as Fuel or an Additive to Fuel, Eco-friendly Fuel Additives and Fuel Systems. The new laboratory will research the means and opportunities of the using in transport vehicles of the new eco-friendly fuel type – hydrogen and natural gas compound (hydromethane).

The enterprise “SG dujos Auto” one of the group of companies “SG dujos“ started to implement this project at the end of 2012 . The total value of the project is 7.6 mlillion Litas. 5.3 million Litas amount support was designated to the project from the EU structural funds. The project is implemented under the measure of the EU funds Intellect LT. The new research laboratory was established with the help of scientific partners – Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and the Institute of Energy of Lithuania.
“Today lots of the countries of the world seek for efficient methods how to accelerate the development of eco-friendly fuel, therefore we hope that the new laboratory will contribute significantly developing practical models of environment-friendly fuel using”, – said Mr. Vidas Korsakas, the director of the company “SG dujos Auto“.

According to Mr. V. Korsakas, whereas pure hydrogen is still an expensive and complicated to use type of fuel, it was decided to seek for methods, how to use hydrogen together with other types of fuel – first of all with natural gas. “We pursue to develop the system of the preparation filling and efficient using of the hydromethane compound of an optimal composition. This system will help us to save resources, including also the minimising of the negative impact of transport on environments“, – spoke Mr. V. Korsakas.

The most acceptable proportions of hydrogen will be established in the laboratory, in order to be able to use such fuel in the engines of natural gas powered transport vehicles in consideration of the engines’ technical characteristics. In future, it is planned to investigate higher richness hydromethane compounds as well as to investigate the usage of hydrogen as a fuel additive in other types of fuel.

According to Mr. V. Korsakas, the laboratory will create experimental hydromethane production modules, which could be implemented in the infrastructure of filling stations and public transport servicing. Furthermore, developing the project it is planned to export the hydromethane production modules to the markets of other countries (Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Western Europe countries, Kazakhstan, etc.).



The UAB “SG dujos Auto“ is the member of the group of companies “SG dujos“. The “SG dujos“ is the pioneer and leader of the adaptation of compressed gas as a type of fuel in Lithuanian transport, developing successfully its operation and contributing considerably to the development of alternative fuels in Lithuania. In present, the company focuses in operation in three cities of Lithuania e – Klaipėda, Šiauliai and Kaunas. The company helps to renew the bus fleets of these cities with natural gas powered buses, develops the infrastructure of compressed natural gas. The company designs, constructs and exploitsnatural cass compression stations, where city buses may fill their fuel tanks quickly and conveniently and go further using this cheap and environment friendly fuel.