The Capacities of the Compressed Natural Gas Compressor Station in Klaipėda Will Increase

2012 December 17


In present, the public use Compressed Natural Gas Compressor Station operating in Klaipėda Bus Park undergoes a renewal; its capacities have been expanded.  It is planned that having performed the works of renewal, the rate of refilling of compressed natural gas will grow approximately 20 times in this compressor station, and it will be possible to refill even 2 thousand cubic metres of compressed natural gas per one hour.

Furthermore, there will be established and equipped a special natural gas reservoir. So far, the natural gas compression station operating in Klaipėda took gas directly from a pipeline, and having performed the changes, the possibility to keep gas in the special reservoir will appear.   The reservoir will be capable to contain 5 thousand cubic metres of gas. According to Mr. Virginijus Korsakas, the CEO of the  UAB SG Dujos, such changes are related with the growing need for natural gas in Klaipėda.

It is planned to equip a modern gas refilling and payment self-service system in spring 2013. Using this system, drivers will be able to refill their vehicle fuel systems with compressed natural gas at any time 24 hours a day.