Spanish Gas-powered Buses Have Already Arrived to Klaipėda

2014 August 27


New, assembled in Spain compressed gas- powered “Castrosua City Versus Citelis CNG” buses have already come to Klaipėda. In total, eleven compressed natural gas–powered buses and one gas and electricity -powered bus were assigned to the residents of Klaipėda according to the programme “Replacement with Low -polluting City Buses Renewing the Transport Vehicles of the Fleet of Buses “. The latter transport vehicle – “Castrosua Tempus Hybrid” – has already transported the residents of Klaipėda on various routes. The newly arrived compressed natural gas-powered buses will be registered and then will also go to the streets of the city.

“Castrosua City Versus CNG“ was assembled on IVECO chassis, the body and motor are also IVECO. The length of the transport vehicle is almost twelve metres.

(Prepared according to information)