Residents of Kaunas City will be soon able to get a ride in new ‘Castrosua’ buses

2014 May 7


A new hybrid – natural gas and electricity – powered bus ‘Castrosua Tempus Hybrid’ intended for the carriers of Kaunas City has already arrived to Lithuania. The remaining gas-powered buses ‘Castrosua City Versus Citelis CNG’ of the company ‘Vilniaus Viesasis Transportas’ have to arrive to the capital some of these days. A little bit later, in accordance with the time schedule, there will arrive the gas-powered vehicles of the company ‘Kaunas Autobusai’.

On the whole, fifteen buses – one compressed natural gas and electricity-powered ‘Castrosua Tempus Hybrid’ and fourteen ‘Castrosua City Versus Citelis CNG’ – have been allocated to the carriers of Kaunas City for the so called emission allowances sold by Lithuania to Spain.

The ‘Castrosua Tempus Hybrid’ is a product of Spain – both body and engine are Spanish. The length of the vehicle is 11,3 metres. According to the manufacturers, due to the original technology, the fuel consumption of these buses is 25 percent lesser than of the traditional diesel ones.

Upon charging once the electric batteries, the bus can go about 100 kilometres, and the quantity of compressed natural gas is enough for 300 kilometres. These vehicles are especially original, just a few of them ride in Europe. One ‘Castrosua Tempus Hybrid’ is already carrying passengers through the streets of the capital.

Based on the feedback, the residents of Vilnius City enjoy it due to its quet riding and original design. In total, nine of the country’s passenger transport companies will receive 93 new buses; ten of them will be the hybrid ones.