One Hundred of New Ecological Buses to Ten Lithuanian Bus Fleets

2013 June 27


With reference to the Climate Change Programme, Lithuania sold to Spain so-called pollution permits and allocated some part of money to buy green buses. In total, it is foreseen to allocate about 90 million Litas to acquire passenger transport vehicles. The total number of planned to acquire buses using compressed natural gas (CNG) and hybrid – electricity and CNG powered – buses is about one hundred.

Ten Lithuanian fleets of buses expressed their wish to participate in the project “Replacing of Low Emission City Buses Renewing the Transport Vehicles of a Bus Fleet” – Telšiai, Raseiniai, Ukmergė, Marijampolė, Panevėžys, “Vilniaus viešasis transportas“ (Vilnus Public Transport), “Kauno autobusai“ (Buses of Kaunas), “Klaipėdos autobusai“ (Buses of Klaipeda), “Elektrėnų komunalinis ūkis“ (Elektrenai Communal Economy) and Šiauliai “Busturas“.

It was decided to distribute new hybrid buses as follows: each of the passenger transport enterprises would get one of the original hybrid buses. Furthermore, funds were allocated to the citizens of Vilnius to get the opportunity to acquire 21, to the citizens of Kaunas – 14, to the citizens of Klaipėda – 11, to the citizens of Šiauliai, Telšiai and Panevėžys – 8 to each of the towns, to the citizens of Marijampolė – 7, to the citizens of Raseiniai – 6, to the citizens of Ukmergė – 5, to the citizens of Elektrėnai – 3 CNG buses.

At the beginning, the Central Project Management Agency (CPMA) was entrusted to organise the tender of the procurement of buses for the so-called pollution permits. The agency announced the open tender under the authorities of carriers. Two offers to produce buses to Lithuanian passenger transport enterprises were received then. They were presented by “Tata Hispano“ and the enterprises “Transmitto“, IVECO and “Castrosua“ acting under the agreement of joint venture.

However, having performed the assessment of the suppliers’ qualification, the CPMA established that anyone of the participants of the public procurement, who submitted their offers, did not meet the foreseen requirements. The both offers were rejected, and the CPMA notified the Ministry of Environment that it would not be able to perform a new tender for the procurement of green transport vehicles.

It was decided to give an opportunity to one of the applicants, who had already performed similar procurements and had experience, to announce the tender. The company “Vilniaus viešasis transportas“ (Vilnius Public Transport) was selected. The newly assigned authority established the new public procurement commission, which included also the representatives of other applicants – the passenger transport enterprises participating in the project.

Having announced the tender of public procurement, the only one offer to supply buses to the carriers of the country was received – it was presented by the enterprises “Transmitto“, IVECO and “Castrosua“ acting under the agreement of joint venture.

“Having considered the presented documents together with the commission members from other bus fleets, we had to clarify some qualification requirements. After correspondence procedures, we detected that the offer presented by “Transmitto“ and “Castrosua“ was eligible. On 10 June, we opened the envelope with the price proposed by the producers. Having considered the offers of the producers one more time, we will be able to sign a contract with the producers concerning the assembling of one hundred of buses to Lithuanian enterprises. We expect to sign the contract even the next week “, – explains Mr. Juozapas Grabys, the technical director of “Vilniaus viešasis transportas“.

The busses offered by the only participant of the tender will be produced on IVECO chassis, they will be equipped with an Italian engine and other western aggregates. Bodies will be Spanish “Castrosue“.

(Prepared according to information)