New Compressed Natural Gas-powered Buses Presented to the Citizens of Klaipeda City

2013 May 31


On 29th of May, twelve new compressed natural gas-powered buses Irisbus Citelis CNG were presented to the citizens for the first time. It is planned that they would ride to the streets of the city already on the 3rd of June.

The buses are coloured in green, grey and orange. The carriers of Klaipeda City acquired such vehicles from Hanover a few years ago. The vehicles have two doors and concurrently may carry up to 86 passengers. There are 31 seats on board. All Irisbus Citelis CNG buses are of the standard twelve-meter length, low-floor adapted for people with disabilities.

The vehicles are equipped with the engines IVECO Cursor 8 conforming to the requirements Euro 5 and EEV and automatic transmission Voith with retarder. Safety of passengers will be ensured by the air brake system, as well as ABS, ASR and EBS systems.
They are all fitted with a roof-mounted cylinders made of special composite materials containing 1240 litres of gas. With this quantity of fuel the bus will be able to drive about 400 miles without any additional filling.

The citizens gathered to the presentation of the buses were able not only to have a view of the buses, but also to go for a drive. Actually, this time, the route stretched just to the compressed natural gas compressor station owned by Klaipeda Bus Fleet, which was equipped by the company “SG dujos”.

Here, the guests who gathered to the presentation were able to watch the procedure of bus and car filling with compressed natural gas and the procedure of payment for fuel. According to Mr. Virginijus Korsakas, the General Manager of the company “SG dujos”, Klaipeda has become the first city in Lithuania, where the infrastructure of compressed natural gas has revived in this century.

Klaipeda Bus Fleet has become the first fleet in the country determined to use ecological fuels for the city buses. The capacity of the first fuel station was only 30 cu. m per hour, while the present, newer and more modern stations supply 1 200 cu. m per hour “, – said Mr. V. Korsakas.
Four buses can be filled with compressed natural gas simultaneously. Filling of their cylinders takes just ten minutes, so all the buses available to the citizens of Klaipeda can be filled up with gas just within one hour.

Currently, the port city carriers have twenty one compressed natural gas-powered buses in total. The key advantage of these vehicles is their eco-friendliness.

The buses Irisbus Citelis CNG are the first new city buses in Klaipeda since 1989. By then, the fleet was renewed only by used passenger transport. Klaipeda City has purchased the buses under the project “Complex Public Transport Development”. The twelve buses Irisbus Citelis CNG cost nearly 8,6 million Litas (excl. VAT); 15 per cent of the amount was borrowed by the company from banks.

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