Natural Gas-powered Car Rally BLUE CORRIDOR 2013: HANSA Will Surround the Baltic Sea and Run through Klaipeda

2013 October 3


A rally of clean natural gas-powered cars Blue Corridor 2013: Hansa will start on the 3rd of October. It will begin in the Russian city St. Petersburg and the final point of the route is planned to be in the Estonian city Narva on the 19th of October.  On the 15th of October, the participants of the Rally will visit Klaipeda. One of the Rally supporters is the company SG Dujos.

The participants of the Rally will visit 9 countries of the Baltic Sea and 17 cities of this region. On the 15th of October, residents of Klaipeda city will be able to have a view of the natural gas-powered cars. On this occasion, it is planned to organise a round-table discussion on the future perspectives of natural gas and natural gas-powered vehicles.

On the 3rd of October, the cars will move from St. Petersburg to another Russian city Vyborg, then to Helsinki and Turku in Finland. From Finland, the Rally participants will ferry to Sweden, where they will visit Stockholm, Jonkoping and Gothenburg. From Sweden, the participants of the Rally will drive to Denmark through Copenhagen, then – to the German city Hamburg. From Germany, the tour will continue through the Polish cities Swinoujscie and Gdansk, and then the participants of the Rally will turn to Kaliningrad, Russia. From Kaliningrad, the route of the Rally participants will run through the cities of the Baltic countries Klaipeda, Jelgava, Riga, Tallinn until on the 19th of October, they will reach the final point of the route – the Estonian city Narva.

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SG Dujos is a pioneer and leader in application of compressed natural gas as a type of fuel in Lithuanian transport sector that develops successfully its activities and contributes significantly to the promotion of alternative fuel in Lithuania. In September of 2013, a company SG Dujos Auto of the Group SG Dujos established the first Laboratory of the Experimental Research of Hydrogen as Fuel or an Additive to Fuel in Lithuania and the Baltic States. Currently, the company concentrates its operations in three Lithuanian cities – Klaipėda, Siauliai and Kaunas by assisting them to renew their bus fleets with natural gas-powered buses and developing an infrastructure of compressed natural gas. The company designs, builds and operates natural gas compressor stations where city buses could quickly and conveniently fill up their fuel tanks and drive with this cost efficient and environment-friendly fuel.