Jurmala’s Buses Will Use Latvian Biogas

2013 June 27


A double system mounted in buses gives an opportunity to use 60 % gas and 40 % diesel. So far, buses have been tested using natural gas, which will be replaced by biogas in several months. According to Mr. Arturas Oškalns, the member of the Board of “Jūrmala – SV“, if at first, this idea was assessed sceptically, in present, the situation has changed. Even the biggest Latvian passenger carrier tried a bus using such fuel. Biogas is on an average three times cheaper than diesel. They are promised to supply to Jūrmala’s carriers by “GasLiner Latvia“, which representatives are going to buy biogas from several producers including “Ziedi JP“, Janis Vinters Agricultural Farm ”Ligo“, as well as “EcoGen“ etc., declares the newspaper.

(Prepared in accordance with the ebus.lt information)