In the European Union, natural gas powered cars have been preferred the most by Italian, German and Bulgarian people.

2013 November 23


Italy leads unfailingly in the European Union and other member states of the European Free Trade Association by the number of natural gas powered transport vehicles. According to the data presented by the Association “NGVA Europe“ on 1 September 2013, 846.5 thousand of such vehicles were driven on that date in Italy. Germany is in the second place (96.3 thousand), Bulgaria is in the third – 61.2 thousand of such vehicles.

Other countries in the top-ten of countries within the EU and EFTA having the most gas-powered vehicles are Sweden (44.3 thousand), France (13.5 thousand), Switzerland (11 thousand), Austria (7.7 thousand) the Netherlands (6.7 thousand), Czech Republic (5.5 thousand) and Hungary (4 thousand).

The following other countries in the region of Europe have the biggest numbers of natural gas powered transport vehicles: Ukraine (388 thousand), Armenia (244 thousand) and Russia (90 thousand).