Hydrogen fuel laboratory is further testing CNG cars

2015 April 29


Laboratory in Pabradė continues its experimental research work with hydrogen as fuel or fuel additive, organic fuel additives and fuel systems. Specialists of the laboratory perform experiments with the vehicles able to run on compressed natural gas belonging to the residents, who voluntarily agreed to lease their cars.

Currently they are testing Mercedes Benz B 180 NGT of 2011. Research goals: measurement of basic parameters, tests with natural gas and hydrogen mixtures (relatively low hydrogen concentrations, protecting the vehicle from potential damage), operating mode optimization feasibility study.

Hydrogen lab established by the company SG dujos Auto investigates opportunities of using hydrogen for fuel production in Lithuania and environmentally friendly fuel production technologies, develops advanced methods of hydrogen use as fuel or fuel additive applications together with natural gas. The laboratory investigates hydrogen insertion into the natural gas opportunities, looking for the most appropriate proportions of hydrogen in order this fuel could be used in the natural gas-powered car engines, taking into account the technical characteristics of the engines.