Green gas filling station in Šiauliai has already been available to all motorists – natural gas enthusiasts

2012 February 22


In October last year in the territory of Šiauliai Bus Park was launched the first compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station (compressor station). This station has already been open to all residents of the city, who have transport vehicles equipped with ecological fuel systems. So far, the compressor station serviced only Šiauliai City public transport buses.

According to the statement of Mr. Virginijus Korsakas, the CEO of the company “SG dujos“, which equipped the station, notwithstanding that there are only several natural gas powered transport vehicles owned by private persons in Šiauliai City, in future this number should grow. “Everything starts from an infrastructure. Although the price for natural gas to private persons in Lithuania is not yet at a level that would allow significant savings compared to other automotive fuels, the number of CNG powered vehicles slowly increases.  Our experience in Klaipėda demonstrated that having established the infrastructure, the number of people, who wish to use it, will grow eventually “– said Mr. Korsakas.

In the compressor station in Klaipėda, approximately 10 natural gas powered transport vehicles owned by private persons regularly refill their fuel tanks.  “We expect to have about 5 regular customers in Šiauliai. If Lithuania is going to continue further the policy to stimulate the using of green fuel, for sure, we will see even more enthusiasts, who choose environment friendly natural gas instead of petrol, diesel or petrol gas (LPG)”, – said Mr. Korsakas.

Thanks to the favourable tax environment created in Lithuania in 2011, which is applicable to the public transport of the cities of the country, the cities’ bus parks starting to use natural gas may immediately reduce significantly their fuel costs. The fuel consumption costs of a new generation CNG powered bus may be even 30 % lower than the ones of an analogical diesel bus.

First 6 natural gas powered buses have run in the streets of Šiauliai City since October 2011.  In the nearest future, it is planned that Šiauliai Bus Fleet would get approximately 10 new compressed natural gas (CNG) powered buses,  which are not only cheaper to exploit than diesel buses but almost do not pollute the environment. It has been planned that in further development stages, the number of CNG powered buses would increase to 30 in Šiauliai. Financial means for buying the CNG powered buses were received when Lithuania sold its accumulated Assigned Amount Units (AAUs) to Spain.

The ecology of CNG has been especially revealed in urban areas – studies established that natural gas 90 % less pollutes environment with fumes, ash and sulphur dioxide , 50 % less  with carbon monoxide  and 20 % less with nitrogen oxides and reactive hydrocarbons than diesel.

The main activities of the  UAB “SG dujos” are production, application of compressed natural gas (CNG) and the development of this green fuel in Lithuanian transport sector. The UAB “SG dujos“ is the initiator and leader of CNG application in Lithuanian transport. In 2007, “SG dujos“ constructed an CNG compressor station at their own expense and supplied the city with the first CNG powered urban type buses, and in 2011 – with the new generation CNG powered buses. At the end of 2011, “SG dujos“ equipped the modern natural gas compressor station in  Šiauliai. This year it is planned to equip a compressor station also in Kaunas City Bus Park. It is foreseen to develop activities in  Marijampolė and other bigger towns in Lithuania.