“Gazelė“ of the Business News “Verslo žinios”

In the project “Gazelė 2016“ performed by the business daily “Verslo žinios“ (Business News), the company “SG dujos“ was acknowledged as one of the fastest growing and the most successfully operating Lithuanian enterprises. The award Gazelle is given to growing and only transparently operating enterprises, which turnover increased in the last four years.

gazeleMore information about the nomination is available on:

Selection Criteria:

  • The companies of any ownership, which started their operation by Bet 1 January 2012 at the latest;
  • In the first year (2012), the company’s turnover was 1 million – 138 million Lt (EUR 289,620 – 39,967,563), and in the last comparative year – 2015, the company worked profitably; In comparison with the turnover in 2012, the turnover of the year 2015 increased not less than 20%;
  • An important criterion for evaluating companies is transparency and publicity. The company must pay taxes in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania in an orderly manner and follow the principles of good business practice in its daily activities.

The company “SG dujos“ was awarded in the following event:



The Service of the Year

The award instituted by the biggest service, trade and high-tech business organization uniting enterprises – Lithuanian Business Confederation – “Metų paslauga “ (The Service of the Year) appreciates and pays tribute to the exceptional business achievements introducing innovative, competitive, high value-added services to the market.

metu-paslaugaAll companies registered in Lithuania can participate in the competition of the service of the year. Participants submit their applications and compete in different categories representing the main services: energetics, IT, finance, transport and logistics, retail trade, medicine, law, education and training, etc. The applications are evaluated by an authoritative commission consisting of the leaders of the country’s opinion, and awards are given by the well-known business and government representatives of the country.

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The Company “SG dujos“ was awarded in the following event: