All Spanish buses are already in Elektrenai

2014 December 16


All four Spanish buses Castrosua have already arrived to Elektrenai. Three of them are compressed gas-powered buses Castrosua City Versus Citelis CNG, and one – Castrosua Tempus Hybrid powered by compressed natural gas and electricity.

‘The installation of a natural gas compressor station  in the territory of the company is already nearing completion. The equipment should arrive to Elektrenai this week. It will be installed and tested within the shortest possible time, then the new buses filled with gas will drive on their first routes,’ – says Jonas Vainiūnas, the Head of Transport Service of the company Elektrenu Komunalinis Ukis, UAB.

According to him, the new buses will carry passengers on both urban and suburban routes. In addition, the new buses will drive to the capital.

It should be remembered that the buses have been acquired by the company Elektrenu Komunalinis Ukis, UAB under the special programme of climate change ‘Replacement of low emission buses through the renewal of bus fleet vehicles’. In total, 93 buses have been distributed to nine cities of the country: 83 buses powered by compressed gas and ten – hybrid ones. They costed nothing to the passenger transport fleets.

It is planned that the new buses of the company Elektrenu Komunalinis Ukis will drive to the streets of the town and suburban roads yet before Christmas.