A Hydrogen Fuel Experimental Research Laboratory Was Established in Pabradė

2013 August 19


The UAB „SG dujos Auto“ the enterprise of the group of companies “SG dujos“ implemented officially the project of the establishment of  the “Experimental Research Laboratory of Hydrogen as Fuel or Fuel Additive, Organic Fuel Additives and Fuel Systems. The new laboratory is situated in Pabradė; all construction of the building works and interior finishing works  were completed. 

Having signed a contract with the Public Establishment “Lietuvos verslo paramos agentūra“ (Lithuanian Business Support Agency), the enterprise “ SG dujos Auto“ started the implementation of this project in November 2012. The support amounting to 5.3 million Litas was assigned to the project from the EU structural funds. The project was implemented in compliance with the measure of the EU funds Intellect LT+. The total value of the project is 7.6 million Litas.

The objective of the project is to investigate the possibilities of hydrogen using for fuel production in Lithuania as well as environment friendly fuel production technologies, to develop the newest advanced methods of  the application of hydrogen as fuel or fuel additive together with natural gas. It is planned to research the possibilities of the insertion of hydrogen into natural gas, to establish the most appropriate hydrogen proportions, in order to use such fuel in natural gas powered car engines in consideration of the engine technical characteristics.

The new research laboratory was established with the help of scientific partners – Lithuanian Energy Institute and VilniusGediminasTechnicalUniversity. It is the first laboratory of such nature in Lithuania and the Baltic States.

It is planned to investigate higher saturation hydro-methane blends, as well as to research the application of hydrogen as a fuel additive in various in various types of fuel, such as petrol, diesel, to develop efficient, non-contaminant and cheap hydrogen production methods in the laboratory from 2016 to 2017.

According to Mr. Vidas Korsakas, the CEO of “SG dujos Auto“, in the laboratory, it is planned to develop experimental hydromethane production modules, which would be easily implementable in the infrastructure of filling stations and public transport, and later to make necessary conditions to start the industrial production of hydromethane equipment.

Having implemented the project, it is expected to export commercial hydromethane production modules to the markets of other countries (Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Poland, West Europe countries,  Kazakhstan etc.).

The UAB “SG dujos Auto“ is a member of the group of companies “SG dujos“. The “SG dujos“ is the pioneer and leader of the application of compressed natural gas as a type of fuel in Lithuanian transport developing successfully its activities and contributing considerably to the development of alternative fuel in Lithuania.  In present, the company has concentrated its activities in three Lithuanian cities – Klaipėda, Šiauliai and Kaunas. The company helps to renew the bus fleets of these cities with natural gas powered buses, develops the infrastructure of compressed natural gas.   The company designs, constructs and exploits natural gas compression stations, where city buses would be able to fill up their fuel tanks quickly and conveniently and to run using this cheap and environment friendly fuel.