38.6 thousand of vehicles using compressed natural gas have already driven on the roads of Sweden

2012 December 16


According to the data presented by the Natural Gas Powered Vehicle Association of Europe – the NGVA Europe, a wide network of compressed natural gas (CNG) refilling stations was established in the Southern part of Sweden. It has been rapidly expanding to the northern regions of Sweden.  The results are surprisingly successful (except for the pipeline of 300 km length located in the south-west of Sweden): there were over 130 public CNG refilling stations in Sweden at the end of the year 2011. It became possible having developed the biomethane production, which nowadays reached  60 % of all  natural gas used by Swedish transport vehicles. The country has over 12 cities, which bus fleets use biomethane.

Nowadays, Sweden has a well balanced CNG powered vehicle park: 36.520 thousand of cars, 1.530 thousand of buses and 550 heavy-duty trucks. Swedish success was determined by the state support to the owned by municipalities enterprises producing biological gas. Furthermore, other stimulant actions of the state were also very important – 40 % lower Income Tax, if a vehicle using CNG is owned by a business enterprise, the possibility to park free of charge these vehicles in municipal parking lots in the majority of Swedish cities, priority lines in airports, railway stations and entering the ferry terminals. Not all such initiatives still exist today, whereas governments changed, however they helped to achieve an eruption.   24 hours open filling-stations, where it is possible to pay by credit card, also received very favourable reviews in Sweden.  Today, Sweden is one of the countries, where biomethane has been started to produce from various waste of forest industry.

One more novelty planned in future in Sweden is the implementation of liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals in such areas, which are the most distant from biomethane plants. It should contribute to the servicing of CNG powered transport vehicles as well as to the servicing of LNG powered heavy-duty trucks weighing 44 tones.   In present, there are two LNG-CNG filling-stations in Sweden, in Geteborg-Sodertalje and one LNG station, which is situated in the City of Malmö. The first plant, which is going to produce liquefied biomethane (LNG), is currently under construction in Sweden Lidköping Västra Götaland Region.