Compressed natural gas production, eco-friendly fuel for transport

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Alternative Fuels and Infrastructure Association: joining of logistics companies and manufacturers will activate the use of natural gas in motor vehicle, however the pace still depends on government actions

2018 November 15  

A breakthrough on Lithuanian roads – the zero excise tax on natural gas that was introduced this year in Lithuania,…


Green innovations for transport industry in Lithuania: the first Scania CNG-powered truck field-test project launched

2018 October 26  

Sustainable transport solutions provider Scania, jointly with the logistics company Vlantana and natural gas infrastructure developer SG dujos, have presented…


Major Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles – Scania has selected Lithuania for testing Hydrogen technologies designated for transport

2018 September 19  

The Swedish Scania CV AB together with their representative in Lithuania UAB Scania Lietuva  and partners “SG Dujos“ and  Vilnius…